Pet bereavement

As with any bereavement the death of a much loved pet can be devastating and an enormous loss.  To some the pet may have become a member of the family, a companion, a friend.  If you were close to  your pet it is normal to have the reactions to its loss that you may experience in the death of person, for example, shock, disbelief, numbness, anger, pain, hurt, sadness, guilt and overwhelming grief.

It can sometimes be hard for others to recognise the extent to which the loss of your pet may be affecting you and it is not uncommon to hear “it was only a dog”, “you can easily get another one” etc.  As with any bereavement it is important for you to have someone talk to who does understand exactly how you are feeling and what the loss of your pet has meant to  you.

Loss of a pet

It may be particularly difficult if you were in the position of having to have your pet put to sleep and that is a heartrending decision to have to make.  However, making that decision shows the enormous amount of love you had for your pet and the ability you had to put your pet’s care and well being before your own thoughts of loss.  When a pet we love is ill and suffering, there is no other choice but making the decision to have their live ended with dignity and humanely to end any suffering.

Give yourself time to grieve and remember your pet in whichever way helps – talking, writing, looking at photos.  Some people find in time that they want to get another pet but do not rush into this as you need time to come to terms with your loss otherwise it may be something you regret doing too quickly.