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Annual Report 2020-21

Please download our Annual Report 2020-21 - celebrating 25 years of Leeds Bereavement Forum, established in 1996.

Leeds Bereavement Forum Membership Form

Membership of Leeds Bereavement Forum is free and open to both organisations and individuals.

Leeds Bereavement Forum Reading List on death, loss and bereavement

Download our reading list compiled in partnership with Leeds Libraries. The list includes books for children and young people; fiction and non-fiction suggestions. All books are available through Leeds Libraries.

Young People attending Child Bereavement UK group in Leeds share their experiences and advice.

Leeds City Council and Child Bereavement UK have worked together to create an animation based on this advice. A link to the animation is included in the download.

Full pathway and guide for professionals working with children and young people in Leeds who have been bereaved

This pathway aims to:
• Set out a citywide approach to addressing the needs of children/young people who have experienced bereavement.
• Describe the integrated pathway in Leeds for a child/young person who has been bereaved.
• Provide staff with clear guidelines about how to support a child/young person

The intended outcomes for Leeds are:
• A more open attitude to discussing death and bereavement.
• Grief responses normalised.
• Practitioners feel more confident to support children/young people and refer appropriately.
• Children/young people who have experienced bereavement feel less alone and different.

Leeds Bereavement Pathway for Children and Young People Diagram

Please download the 'Leeds Bereavement Pathway for Children and Young People Diagram' showing the support available for Children and Young People who have been recently bereaved and/or are exhibiting emotional or behavioural difficulties.

Targeted bereavement support for children/young people in Leeds by age Diagram

Please download the 'Targeted bereavement support for children/young people in Leeds by their age diagram.'

Help With Funeral Costs

The latest information and guidance from Leeds City Council to help arrange a funeral during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Setting up and running regional networks for bereavement organisations

A new guide developed by the National Bereavement Alliance. Leeds Bereavement Forum features as a case study.

Care after Caring: supporting family carers facing and following bereavement

We are delighted that our work has been showcased in a new report Care After Caring from the National Bereavement Alliance and Hospice UK, commissioned by NHS England’s Commitment to Carers programme.

The report shares good practice and ideas of how to improve support for carers facing bereavement. Some of these are things that can be put in place before the death, to improve outcomes in bereavement. Others are ways of improving support after the death, to make it more sensitive to the lasting impact of caring. Published to coincide with Carers Week 2019, the report draws on research, policy and findings from consultations with former carers and those supporting them, to lay out a series of six aspirations for local areas and services to get the right support in place at the right time. The report includes 12 examples of local good practice in supporting carers facing and following bereavement, one of which is Leeds Bereavement Forum.

Annual Report 2019-20

Please download our Annual Report 2019-20.

Annual Report 2018-19

Please download our Annual Report 2018-19

Annual Report 2017-18

Please download our Annual Report 2017-18

Annual Report 2016-17

Please download our Annual Report 2016-17 - celebrating 21 years of Leeds Bereavement Forum, established in 1996.

Annual Report 2015-16

Please download our Annual Report 2015-2016

Annual Report 2014-15

Please download our Annual Report 2014-2015


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