The Leeds Charter for Bereaved Children

About The Charter

Established in 2012, the aim of the Leeds Charter for Bereaved Children is:

  • To raise the profile of childhood bereavement in Leeds
  • To increase people’s understanding of the needs of children who have been bereaved
  • To increase people’s awareness and understanding of the effects bereavement in childhood can have on the future development and achievement of that child into adulthood.
  • To work towards improved support for bereaved children in Leeds both through specialist and non-specialist services.

Why do we have a charter?

The Leeds Charter for Bereaved Children’s came from Leeds Bereavement Forum’s Children and Young Peoples Special Interest Group in 2012 with the recognition that service and support for children who have experienced bereavement is limited and stretched.

We recognise that Leeds would benefit from increased specialist services, but much positive support can be given by those non-specialist people who work with children and young people within familiar contexts. Increasing their confidence and understanding can be vital in supporting young people. Additionally signposting information and support could help practitioners recognise when and where extra advice or support may be needed and found.

This multi-agency Leeds Bereaved Children’s Charter hopes to set a base line minimum standard of care and support and which could be used city-wide and across all services dealing with bereaved children and young people in any context. There is robust research evidence to demonstrate the significant numbers of school age children affected by bereavement and the effect this can have on children’s long term emotional health and attainment levels. For anyone experiencing bereavement it is an emotionally turbulent time, and for children and young people the support around them will affect how they develop skills in managing bereavement, and how they manage future losses. There is also evidence to suggest that unresolved grief in childhood can be a contributory factor in adult mental health.

Supporting a child through grief and bereavement

For more information on supporting a child through grief and bereavement visit our Help and Advice Section. We have a specific section regarding children and young people.

Get your pack

We would encourage any organisation working with children and young people to sign up to the charter and to receive a package of information as a minimum starting point in raising awareness and skills. For a copy of the Charter visit our Resources page.


  • CAMHS Leeds
  • Child Health and Disabilities, Regional Specialist Team
  • Dragonfly Therapy Training
  • George Mudie MP
  • Healthy Schools and Well Being Service/TAMHS
  • Hilary Benn MP
  • Homestart
  • Just ‘B’ Bereavement Care
  • Leeds Bereavement Forum
  • Leeds Children’s Hospital
  • Leeds Cruse Bereavement Care
  • Leeds Hospital and Home Teaching Service
  • Leeds Safeguarding Children’s Board
  • Leeds Youth Offending Service
  • Lord Mayor of Leeds 2012-13, Councillor Ann Castle,
  • Motor Neurone Disease Association
  • Reflect Children’s Counselling, Hospice of the Good Shepherd, Chester
  • Specialist Inclusive Learning Centres (SILC) East
  • St Gemma’s Hospice
  • Stuart Andrew MP
  • Sue Ryder – Wheatfield’s Hospice
  • The Market Place
  • Willow Young Carers



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