Covid-19 bereavement news

As our Covid-19 useful bereavement links and resources page gets larger we have moved Covid-19 bereavement news related articles to its own page. Dying Matters has created #BeforeTheirTime to share resources and offer support for anyone who loses a close friend or relative at this time, especially if it’s sudden or earlier than expected.


100 Quotes About Grief to Uplift, Inspire, and Help You Feel Less Alone | Parade, 22 September

We need to fill the uncomfortable silence around bereavement at work | People Management, 18 September

NHS announce £10m funding for mental health community initiatives | National Health Executive, 14 September

How to Help Grieving Loved Ones in a Pandemic | Elemental, 8 September

Grieving families should be allowed to form ‘bereavement bubbles’, charity says | Metro, 5 September


Death during coronavirus creates a double ache because humans need to share our grief |  The Guardian, 25 August

Coronavirus Forced Me To Confront The Grief And Loss I’d Been Running From | HuffPost, 18 August

When someone you love is dying, your sadness is infectious. In lockdown, this grief is shared | The Guardian, 14 August

National Bereavement Service Launches Support and Counselling Helpline for Charities | Charity Today, 7 August


Understanding and supporting employees with grief | BDaily News, 30 July

Leeds Bereavement Forum is using Zoom to help grieving people | Yorkshire Evening Post, 22 July

CIPD calls for the right to bereavement leave and pay to be extended to all employees experiencing a close family bereavement | CIPD, 21 July

Country is facing ‘grief pandemic’ because of lockdown restrictions | Lincolnshire Live, 14 July

Unimaginable loss during unprecedented times—reflections of a bereavement midwife | The BMJ, 10 July

Grief over covid-19 deaths may be unusually severe and long-lasting | New Scientist, 8 July

UK charities face soaring demand for grief counselling due to Covid-19 | The Guardian, 6 July


With many Britons denied the chance to grieve, we yearn for commitment to public mourning | The Guardian, 28 June

Warning from counsellors that grief is being ‘put on hold’ by coronavirus lockdown | The Courier, 15 June

The pandemic has made it harder to grieve | Warrington Guardian, 7 June

Supporting yourself as a nurse through bereavement during Covid-19 | Nursing in Practice,  3 June

Sands launches new support package for NHS workers during COVID-19 | Charity Today, 2 June


Grief, lockdown and coronavirus: a looming mental health crisis | The Financial Times, 31 May (not a subscription service but you do need to answer questions to access story)

‘The same boat’: how Facebook brought together those bereaved by Covid-19 | The Guardian, 18 May

Six alternative ways for you to mark the passing of a loved one | News Post Leader, 18 May

Britons ‘avoiding coronavirus death conversations’ suggest survey | The Independent, 12 May

Hospices launch COVID-19 bereavement support lines | Ilkley Gazette, 11 May

My neighbour lost her husband to coronavirus – so I brought our street together to support her | Metro, 5 May

Funeral chief calls on Leeds Council to lift crematoria mourner ban | Yorkshire Evening Post, 5 May

National bereavement service rolled out for mourners during coronavirus lockdown | Express & Star, 5 May


What To Say (And Not Say) To Someone Who’s Grieving During The Coronavirus Pandemic | Huffington Post, 28 April

COVID-19 bereavement fund launched for BAME community | The Voice, 26 April

Charity calls for day of remembrance for UK coronavirus victims | The Guardian, 21 April

This is how COVID-19 is changing the nature of grief | World Economic Forum, 21 April

Covid-19 Bereavement: Tips on how to help children cope | Telegraph and Argus, 17 April

Death and dying during the pandemic | theBMJ, 15 April

Coronavirus doctor’s diary: A time when people say ‘Have you got a will?’ | BBC News, 14 April

Death cafes report surge of interest since Covid-19 outbreak | The Guardian, 13 April

We are struggling with an impossible pain: how to grieve for 10,000 people | The Guardian, 13 April

COVID-19: how nurses can facilitate advance care planning | Nursing Standard, 13 April

NHS staff to be offered mental health support for Covid-19 ‘shell shock’ | The Guardian, 8 April

Coronavirus: How to grieve a loved one when you can’t say goodbye | BBC News, 4 April

‘Tell your patients if you think they are going to die’ | ITV News, 4 April

‘We can’t say our goodbyes the way we wanted to’: Covid-19 funeral restrictions | ITV News, 3 April

Grief support systems have been wrecked by COVID-19 | The Verge, 1 April

Coronavirus: 37% more teachers seek help on bereavement | TES, 1 April


How health professionals need to discuss end of life situations – during coronavirus and beyond | The Conversation, 30 March

Coronavirus is changing funerals and how we deal with the dead | The Conversation, 30 March

UK hospitals tightening restrictions on visits – even to dying patients | The Guardian, 30 March

Covid-19 will make us confront how we want to die | ITV News, 30 March

End-of-life care during Covid-19: Tips for GPs | Pulse, 30 March

Please Stop Minimizing the Death of Older Adults | What’s Your Grief, 29 March

Families urged to speak to elderly relatives about end of life care | The Mirror, 27 March

Coronavirus: Coping with grief during a lockdown | BBC News, 27 March

Perspectives on dying from COVID-19: Waiting for the storm | BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, 26 March

Coping with grief during the Coronavirus outbreak | eHospice, 25 March

Coronavirus: Britons saying final goodbyes to dying relatives by videolink | The Guardian, 24 March

Coronavirus: the conversation we should have with our loved ones now – leading medic | The Conversation, 23 March

Coronavirus: Doctors urge conversations about dying | BBC News, 21 March – Palliative care doctors are urging people to have a conversation about what they would want if they, or their loved ones, became seriously unwell with coronavirus.

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